April 16, 2021

Parents Try to Force Abortion

KampfsThose of us in the pro-life camp argue long and loud about a parent’s right to know about a daughter’s pregnancy partly because we believe that a child is under the parent’s protection, partly because we think it may be something that a child should make alone or just with a boyfriend, and partly because we are hopeful that the parents will support life. Then there are parents like the Kampfs’ here that decide that they need to physically force their daughter into having an abortion against her will.

A Maine couple upset that their 19-year-old daughter was pregnant tied her up, loaded her in their car and began driving to New York to force her to get an abortion, police said.

The daughter, Katelyn Kampf, escaped Friday at a shopping center and called police, who arrested her parents, Nicholas Kampf, 54, and Lola, 53, of North Yarmouth, Maine. They were jailed on a kidnapping charge and were being held on $100,000 bail each.


“Her parents chased her out into the yard, grabbed and tied her hands and feet together,” Salem Police Officer Sean Marino wrote in a court affidavit. “Katelyn states that her father then carried her to their car and they headed toward New Hampshire.”

Investigators said rope, duct tape, scissors and a .22-caliber rifle were found in the Kampfs’ Lexus and Nicholas Kampf had a loaded .22- caliber magazine clip in his pants pocket.

The Kampfs were upset that their daughter was pregnant by a man who is now in jail, police said, and before leaving Maine on Friday they had an argument at the parents’ home.

“Katelyn stated to me that upon her parents finding out that she was pregnant, they told her she had no choice but to get an abortion,” Marino wrote in his court affidavit.

So here’s an interesting case where we are right along side those that believe that this woman had a right to choose– because she was choosing life. What a weird twist. And yet what a sad story to tell about these parents! They were going to kill their grandchild because they didn’t approve of the father. One wonders where these “caring” parents were when their daughter started seeing this man– let alone sharing intimate time together. Would it have been all right for them to have a relationship as long as a child was not produced?

How can you justify killing a child because you do not like the father? That’s absurd!

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9 thoughts on “Parents Try to Force Abortion

  1. I definetely side with the daughter. I can’t believe the parents, rather than talking to her, would go to the extreme of kidnapping her and forcing her into having an abortion. She’s 19 years old, for heaven’s sake. She’s old enough to decide what she wants to do. Thank the Lord she escaped and got help. I hope the Lord blesses this pregnancy and brings her lots of love and blessings with this baby.

  2. the logic of those who are without Christ is beyond me. I have stopped trying to understand them, it in incomprehensible!

    Mrs Meg Logan

  3. She’s 19! Honestly, what were they thinking? I’m so glad they didn’t get away with it.
    Did you hear about the man in TX whose abusive kick resulted in a pregnancy miscarrying? He’s getting prosecuted for murder…now that’s justice!

  4. You’ve got to wonder what the parents were planning on saying when they got to the abortion clinic. They’re a bunch of MAINE-iac’s 😉

  5. Well, I’m glad that you’re keeping the child, and I hope your parents help you! I don’t envy the situation you find yourself in, but hopefully you have a strong family, and that you’ll make good choices in the future!

  6. Wow! she is already an adult. and her parents are making her get an abortion.well im currently pregnant (16) and both of my parents know.they are not forcing me to get an abortion.

  7. It happens all the time. My mother did it. I did not get to keep my son. He died, the father is dying from the stress and a broken heart, and I cant take it anymore.

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