April 21, 2021

Miami: The Legalized Back-Alley Abortion Capital

Having a BabyHaving a baby is an exciting thing. Virtuous Blonde and I are on our third and it’s amazing all the things that you remember and that are significant as the both mother and baby grow. One of the most exciting things as a dad is feeling the baby move for the first time. For the mom (especially the experienced mother!), it happened much earlier than it will be for the dad. It’s really strange to think about another life growing inside your wife…

So how can anyone choose abortion? And how about the whole “If you make abortion legal, it will stop back alley abortions.” Jill Stanek argues that all it has done is make back alley abortions legal. She lists some stories from in Hialeah, Florida that prove this point (the following is from Jill’s article with arranging done by MInTheGap):

  • “[Frantz Bazile] was found guilty of gross negligence in Illinois and placed on professional probation. While aborting a 17-year-old, Bazile had accidentally removed part of her placenta first, causing the girl to hemorrhage. He made matters worse by lacerating her vagina and cervix when trying to stop the bleeding. Bazile finally called an ambulance. At the hospital the girl received emergency blood transfusions and underwent an emergency cesarean section, delivering a live baby who died. Not only did Bazile muck up the abortion, he failed to [butts]. the baby’s age, which was determined to be ‘late second trimester.’ After put on probation, Bazile flew the coop and landed on the beach, finding employment at A Gyn Diagnostic Center, the aforementioned Hialeah abortion mill.”
  • “A Miramar abortion mill was shut down last year after police caught three of their employees committing abortions without licenses. They were janitor Adieren Rojas, abortionist Robelto Osborne and University of Miami medical student Kieron Nisbet. Osborne lost his license in 2004 for puncturing a mother’s uterus during an abortion, not treating it, and failing to return her calls complaining of extreme pain and bleeding. She required the removal of retained fetal parts and a hysterectomy. Records also show Osborne botched an abortion in 1996 by damaging the small intestine of an 18-year-old. Nisbet functioned in the mill as an anesthesiologist. With a warrant out for his arrest, Nisbet continued anesthetizing as well as aborting at nearby Best Care Women’s Center in Miami. When police closed in, he fled the country and is believed to now be hiding in his native Trinidad.”
  • Police arrested Best Care’s owners, Magaly Gil and Jose Rodriguez. They turned in their license for that mill, and all was forgiven. But Gil still owns and operates two other Miami area abortion mills, Millennium Women Center and Hialeah Women’s Center. Meanwhile, the Miramar clinic was also closed but reopened by Senises’ ex-husband, Mario Diaz.

This should scare any mothers even considering abortion. I mean, if you’re going ignore the fact that you’re killing your child, that you’ll be doing a risky surgical procedure that may prevent you from having children, and that it’s not the best thing for you, then maybe you should pay attention to the fact that people in this practice are not necessarily sought out because they are well qualified in surgery. In fact, there’s a lot of money to be made here on murder, and the less they have to pay someone to perform the surgery the higher their profit margin is.

Children are a blessing and a treasure. It’s a terrible thing when mothers have to ask themselves if they should keep a child and worse when they are harmed or killed along with their children in a process that could have been avoided.

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2 thoughts on “Miami: The Legalized Back-Alley Abortion Capital

  1. If you actually read the post, you’d know that I talk about the dangers to a woman should they choose to have an abortion. Far from telling them what to do, I was warning them of the consequences of their decision.

    Now, I won’t go so far as saying that I don’t believe that abortion is wrong, and that my post is to dissuade people from having an abortion, but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell people the result of the decisions they make.

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