April 21, 2021

The Feminization of Childbearing

PregnancyThere are far reaching implications of the triumphs of modern feminism. And yet it is not the right to vote or the right to wear slacks that has feminists drawing lines in the sand, it is the “right to my own body.” What a selfish “right”! No other right that they have fought for has done as much damage as this one. Whole countries and civilizations are disappearing because of it.

Feminism stands upon the basic ideal that men and women are equals. An absurd premise since (a) God created them different and (b) even young children who have no knowledge about physical characteristics know that the female sex has cooties and males do not– I mean, they recognize there is a difference (first they think they’re yucky, then they think that they’re amazing– go figure). Anyway, feminism has been pushing us into a position that seemed reasonable– give women the right to vote, give them the ability to hold a job in the “man’s world”, and then give them the ability to murder their young in the womb so that they can keep the other selfish goals.

There’s that word again– selfish. That is what these rights are (and I would say that a lot of people who want “my rights” or are “offended” by something are more concerned about self than they are of others). Now, I’m not saying that the whole women population (or for that matter, any other people group) are less than human. I’m not saying that they should be dominated by men, have a slave class, and be treated as lesser beings. What I am saying is that when any group starts to seek for its rights regardless of the whole or what’s best for the culture/civilization then we’re bound for failure.

It is this failure that we’re seeing in the European countries, and will soon be coming to a civilization near you should we continue to follow the path set before us by the feminists. What is this path?

It starts with the idea that women can have it all. You too can have a husband (if you really want one) a house, a car, children, a full time job, and whatever else you want. All you have to do is make sure you have the right priorities. Guess where those priorities start?

So, if you want to have all of these things, know that you have to make sure that you can balance them all. Better make sure that you don’t have chlidren for a while– because you will need to save the money for that house of your dreams. It will have to be a big house, so don’t get all pregnant soon!

If (*gasp*) you happen to get pregnant, by all means you you should take Plan B or get an aborition since the timing isn’t right and you will mess up your plans. Oh, and make sure to think about how any children will impact your job. For this reason, you want to make sure to only plan for one or two children. Don’t even consider more than that– are you crazy?!

The longer you delay having your children, the better. Don’t feel bad sending your children to daycare– I mean, all the moms do it. You are the most important one anyway– why should you have to watch your own children!

And this mentality has a greater impact– regardless whether the woman ever wisens up to what is going on. In Europe, the Muslim population will soon eclipse the native populations in most countries there because the Muslims have replacement rate of 6 compared to the below 2 rate of the native population.

You can see it here in America as well. The Hispanics have overtaken the African American population as the largest minority group because of birth rates. White Americans are quickly diminishing in their percentages in the U.S. Those that practice abortion find that pro-life is gaining greater percentages for a really good reason– the pro-abortion group isn’t having as many children. It’s the pro-life people that may end up more influence in the next generation simply because of abortion. I don’t want to into the statistics of who should be on this earth but isn’t.

Having children has taken a very low priority in a culture of “me-first” and one that lacks honor and duty.

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20 thoughts on “The Feminization of Childbearing

  1. Well said. It IS about selfishness, but most people tear you up if you ever mention that. I am also coming to feel personally, that preventing children might be wrong morally too… I mean, if you believe the Word, and the Word says that GOD opens and closes the womb, and that children are a reward, then why would you want to prevent? Most of the reasons I have heard are selfishness in one form or another. An unwillingness to lay down your life for 3 kids let alone the possibility that God might give you 10 or more. But if we look back in the old testament not everyone had ten kids, some begged God for even one! And God won’t give you more than He knows you can handle. And that means that what HE chooses to give you is within your grasp to do well, when you are leaning on Him. I am not saying this is a mandate… I have yet to decide if it is a commandment? or only wise, to accept God’s gifts in the way HE chooses to give them.

    BTW, this post is one of the main reasons I am not a feminist! LOL…
    Mrs. Meg Logan

  2. There are people out there– the Quiver Full movement comes to mind– that believe that they should have as many children as they can. I can see their logic as making sense– and yet some people struggle with that desire and what their bodies can deal with.

    In my mind, it all comes down to responsibility and trust. We do not know how many (if any) children God will bless us with. Should we trust Him to take care of the number and have as many as we can, or is this a case where we should be responsible not to go too far?

    People may choose to stop having children– what’s to guarantee if they want to have another that they will be able to conceive? Is it because we have become too technological– knowing how things “work” tends to eliminate the faith that we should have in God’s power and control. We keep having kids, so we figure that we will continue to be able to have them should we stop.

    And what about frequency? Is it God’s will to have one every 9 months? Should we practice abstinence in marriage? Not from the way I read the passages about being frequent enough in marital affection so as not to allow for an occasion for someone to be tempted by another.

    These are hard questions!

  3. Its pretty hard to continually have kids every nine or tens months. Most women, especially those who nurse exclusively, cannot get pregnant for at least 3 months, and often longer. I am as yet still unable to conceive, at 5 months post partum! And I happen to know MANY families (online) who are QuiverFull, and their kids are not all that close, most are between 1 and 3 years apart. So that is not an area that I think people need to worry about.

    I don’t think it is irresponsible to have many kids. I think that God provides for what He bestows. And if you are responsible and faithful with your finances, then you can live with many children. You may not have ALOT of extras, but that is all up to God, maybe you will and maybe you won’t. Just look at the DUggards they live debt free, they have 16 kids, and just built a 7K square foot house debt free. And SHE stays home! No two incomes there.

    God has blessed that family and now they witness to the world about Jesus. (I do not know if they are “true” Christian or not! I heard they were, and they give His name glory…)

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  4. The right to my body–what a right…to inject it with silicone, sculpt it surgically, permanently sever my ability to have babies (or to abort them whenever they’re inconvenient), the use of birth control pills/shots/etc…all these rights have potentially life-threatening side effects.

    MIn, you’ve listed some very good motivators for people to keep on having babies…the people worried about the world population need to be outnumbered. Dh and I have yet to be convicted to let go and let God in this particular area. Great article all around, as usual!

    Mrs. Logan, my sister taped the hour special about the Duggars for me to watch, I’d say their faith is genuine…but you’re right, only God knows for sure. What a neat family with a great testimony.

  5. I have 8 children living. We had 2 that died to complications of prematurity. We lost our first 4 hours after birth. I was born with many birth defects and told I most likely could not have children. My parents devote Christians told me to let God decide that. They told me childbirth would be very difficult and I would need c section. My first six were born naturally. My longest labor was 2 hours. My last 4 were c section because of surgeries I had to have on my cervix. I now have 7 grandchildren. I do not regret my decision to have a large family. I would have had more if I could, we have also had 21 foster children in our younger years. I hate the way people assume you have to have a lower IQ or mentally ill to want to devote your life to being a mom. I had to hold jobs outside my home a few times in my life. I was in management most of my jobs and did very well. I had a 3.8 gpa in highschool and college. I find most of the women in corp. who are mothers really struggle with leaving their children and I believe secretly wish they could just be a homemaker. But to end this on a funny note, years ago I was in the Fields Museum in Chicago with 6 children in tow. I just enter a elevator when someone rudely ask me “don’t you know what caused this and there are ways of preventing it.” Before I had a chance to answer a lovely older black woman behind me replied “of course she does and she’s the only smart white women I’ve seen in a long time. At the rate you whites are multipling you are going to be the minority in no time your only hope is women like her.” The door opened and everyone ran out. I turned and thanked her. She told me”honey I had six and I got so tired of the comments. It’s no one bussines if you have 2 or 20 kids as long as your taking care of them.” She went on to tell me that when people did that to her she would ask them how many children they have and why they only had one or two. Uselly they would reply because they wanted the best for them. She would say no you want to give them everything money can buy you need to be honest and say it like it is you want spoiled brats. My children will learn to earn their own way, to share,to respect others,to resovle conflicts, and that the whole world does not revolve around. She said they start stuttering and really have a hard time coming up with a good comeback. They are so shocked to have to defend having only 1 or 2 that they are not prepared. She help me see I do not need to defend my reasons for a big family. They have a problem not me. I beleive that God will not give you more then you can bear. On the other hand I do believe that you should support them not the state. I know ther can be times when you may need help (unemployment,illness,ect)but that should be short lived and you should not make it a long term thing.

  6. Lyn, thanks for sharing both your story and the event in the elevator. It seems that people do not understand the reality that people have children for many reasons, and that they do not have to have a life based on themselves. I think you hit it pretty accurately when you say that they really want to have two kids so they can spoil them.

    Thanks for your contribution to society and your desire to raise godly children.

  7. I had my fifth child at forty and I had many comments about how stupid that was. One from a close family member that thought I should abort. She has decided that the world doesn’t need to have any more children in it and will not contribute.

    Yes, God will take care of you. My husband firmly believes that God will give you as many children as He wants you to have. I was not too convinced of this until I had gone back to work after 20 years…much heart ache on my part because I wanted to be home with my children, even though they were all in school at the time. Well, after seven years, I was pregnant again and the question was answered for me!! Sometimes we just can’t get all our ducks in the order WE think they should be in. God may have other plans.

  8. One of the things that my grandfather said when we had our second was that God will take care of those that He gives us. Since He is the giver of life, He will not leave us in a situation where we will not have the means to provide for them.

    It reminds me of George Mueller– though I’m not sure that I have the faith that he had (or the divine command to show God’s provision through the way that he did). God will provide to magnify Himself.

  9. The other day I was in Sam’s and pushing around my TWO. This lady stopped me and said “Oh what a perfect family. One boy and one girl. Now you can stop!” I said “Well, we have one coming in September so I can’t really stop now!” and I chuckled. She said “Oh No, that is terrible. Now what will you do?” ROFL, I practically died laughing. I looked at her like she had three heads! I mean saying such a thing infront of my kids! sheesh. I said “Oh we plan to have many, we jsut love them all.” (or something of that regard). She was like “Oh well, how many do you plan to have??” and I said “as many as God gives me” She was shocked and just shrugged her shoulders. then she tried to change her opinion and said “well it is true that they are a blessing!” (yeah like she really believed that! lol)

    I anticipate receiving more and more comments the more kids I have. I just can’t wait. We have already had people ask us “don’t you know how that happens?” Doug says “we have it narrowed down to one of two things. and we are practicing to figure out which one it is” or something to that effect.

    Thats my man!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  10. I like that response– it’s cute and humor usually disarms.

    It is amazing that society wants us to only think of ourselves and the here and now and does not realize how contradictory they sound.

  11. I love Doug for that one! Go man, GO!!!

    OK, here’s one that I’m struggling with. Remember that passage in Psalms?

    “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” Psalm 127:3-5

    Well, it dawned on me at once that if we are to have children in our youth then we are to be wed in our youth. Yet society today encourages us to wait until we are middle aged to marry.

    Does anyone ever think that maybe God gave us the hormones of our youth for a reason? Ohh wait I forgot… the world is operating under evolution, natural selection and spiritally sterile scientific reason.

    I’m very frustrated because even women in the Church seem to think it’s best to wait until they are older, wait until they are financially stable… etc.

    Then you have the other side of the coin, women in the Church who have put prudence on such a pedastol (sp?) that they don’t even want to talk to members of the opposite sex.

    Ohh well. So much for my teen dreams huh? Guess I’ll have to settle for a wife in my middle ages when the mystique and raw attraction have dwindled from a raging whilwind to a gentle breeze. That way I’ll appreciate her for who she is, not some silly (God-given) emotional crush! Yes, I’ll be able to make a rational judgement about who I will marry and I’ll think of all the advantages and disadvantages of my future married life. Then I’m sure to pick the right one… right?

    Lets look at this logically. God made us. He made us to go through puberty around the age of 12-15. Puberty involves the human body becoming fertile for reproduction. The hormones that have the power to create life-long emotional bonds between a man and a woman are at their highest levels… God’s word blesses those who have large numbers of children in their youth… hmmm… 2 2= (condoms? no, no, that’s not it… having sex with lots of young girls while I’m a teen and breaking all ties with them, thus leaving myself a hollow shell of a man who places the value of sex and the virtue of love just under Sunday football? hmm… staying chaste (while masturbaing to pornography habitually thus having an infinite variety of wives to choose from at the tips of my fingers and establishing an addiction that’s harder to kick than crack, meth or heroin) until I’m middle aged and picking up some desperate woman who’s slept with dozens of men in the meantime but who’s biological clock is ticking like a timebomb and she just wants to get married and have a child like she’s always dreamed of but was too concerned with her careers?) no, idiot, the answer is 4! 4! Is that so hard? God said to have children in your youth and He said not to have sex outside of marriage! Get married young, it’s cheaper to live married anyway.

    Frankly it’s not so easy for a man to live on his own. Something about help-meets.

    Food for thought (and prayer… ohh and meditation!)

  12. Yes Art I’m with you on all counts. Though I could have done without the visual depictions of sexual immorality left as choices…

    Well stated.


  13. “I love Doug for that one! Go man, GO!!!”

    What are you referring to here?? I missed something.


  14. I was referring to:

    “We have already had people ask us “don’t you know how that happens?” Doug says “we have it narrowed down to one of two things. and we are practicing to figure out which one it is” or something to that effect.”

  15. That’ll teach you to jump into a comment stream and not read the whole thing– Meg. Arthur obviously read it all.

    Which brings up the question– are paged comments good or bad?

  16. Hah, I wrote it, and therefore I must have read it. No I do not reread every last comment everytime the article becomes popular again… who has time for that?? LOL

    As for paged comments… I really don’t mind one way or the other. Though I wish the default was to go to the last comment not the first.


  17. Who has time for anything that we do?! 🙂

    I did have paged comments in reverse chronological order, but that confused me when I was trying to read what was going on. It wasn’t natural to read from the bottom up. I’m tempted to turn it off because I don’t know if we always see context with it.

  18. I prefer the way you have it now. But I thought the question was more pertaining to whether comments at all were a good idea and I was going to say that your blog has become more of a discussion board… and it’s good to have a discussion board for these sociopolitical and theological topics… I don’t get enough chance to discuss them with people in the real world.

  19. Then I guess we’ll keep it as is for now.

    Blogs are great for conversation, that is for sure. Speaking of links, you should make sure that you have your website link filled out, Arthur, your latest posts do not have it specified. You should either Register at the blog (under the categories in the “Meta” group) or at least click the link that lets you specify who you are and make sure your website field is filled out.

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