June 15, 2021

5 Females Charged in Spree

5 Females - ALVIN S. GLENN DETENTION CENTERWhat is it that would make a group of five women dress like men and commit a string of robberies? The picture to the right is of them. From left, top to bottom, are Trakita Shanette Cooper, Janeshia Lashea Furtick, Tamika Nicole Holliday and Starr Lakenya Lanique Richardson.

E.B. Strong, executive director of Gang Out in Columbia, said he has seen increased violence among groups of young women in the Midlands.

“I think young ladies are trying to prove they are just as bad as males and are attacking males,” he said.

That may be the case. But it may be that we are living in a culture that glorifies stealing. I once thought that movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Bonnie and Clyde made being thieves look like it was something to be admired. (Ok, death via shoot out and constantly being on the run weren’t exactly things to look forward to, but it still looked quite glamorous.) My mother did not want the movie Aladin in our house because the main “hero” was a thief.

But now there’s a whole slew of other things that glorify or reward criminal behavoir. We have video games that depict violence to women and reward bad behavoir. We have TV shows that glamorize breaking out of prison or trying to pull of a heist. Our tastes seem to have moved into another area of sin in which we find ourselves being pushed to root for the bad guy, not the good guy. Either that, or the good guy is so conflicted that things that you would not normally agree should be done we accept as being necessary.

We will soon become what we think about, and if we fill our minds with a specific sin, we may soon come to be able to justify it. I’m certain these five did not believe they would have to kill someone– I don’t believe they planned to do it, it was just something that they did, and yet Janeshia Furtick (17), Tamika Holiday (19), Trakita Cooper (17), a 15 year old that was not named, and Starr Richardson (25) not only have to face charges four robbery charges, assault and battery with attempt to kill, but they have to live with what they have done with thier young lives.

What are you letting in your child’s brain? What are you putting into yours?

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One thought on “5 Females Charged in Spree

  1. Exactly. Another case of desensitization…
    And about the movies glorifying heists and thieving, you’re right! I hadn’t thought about that trend, but it’s taking over…one of my favorites is that one with Leonardo DiCaprio, what was it, Catch Me If You Can? The guy who was an ace at counterfeiting. Hm.
    In the name of entertainment…would be a good post…
    Anyways, enjoyed this!

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