June 17, 2021

True Confessions of Planned Parenthood

Jill StanekIf you want to know what laws and tactics would best provide for the protection of the unborn or best advance the pro-life cause, look at thos things that Planned Parenthood gets the Democratic Party to stand against.

In this case, the recent debate on whether to prevent minors from being smuggled across state lines, the Democrats and Planned Parenthood were fighting against a law that would have worked against incestuous relationships and pedophiles. They couldn’t just cross the border into a state that did not have parental notification laws!

Planned Parenthood knows that it provides safe harbor for pedophiles.

Consider Planned Parenthood’s admissions:

  • Teenage girls with older partners are more likely to become pregnant than those with partners closer in age.”
  • Among women younger than 18, the pregnancy rate among those with a partner who is six or more years older is 3.7 times as high as the rate among those whose partner is no more than two years older.”
  • Teenagers who have been raped or abused also experience higher rates of pregnancy – in a sample of 500 teen mothers, two-thirds had histories of sexual and physical abuse, primarily by adult men averaging age 27.”

I can no longer find this statistic on Alan Guttmacher’s website, the research arm for Planned Parenthood:

  • “The younger women are when they first have intercourse the more likely they are to have had unwanted or nonvoluntary first sex, 7 in 10 of those who had sex before age 13, for example.”

Perhaps Guttmacher did not want to defend how any “younger women” age 12 and under could have voluntary sex.

Guttmacher does admit:

  • A history of sexual abuse in general appears to increase the odds of sexual coercion in junior and senior high school. Although data are scarce and findings not entirely consistent, nonvoluntary intercourse may be associated with a greater likelihood of pregnancy during adolescence.”
  • [D]ata from the National Survey of Children suggest that women who experienced sex at younger ages were more likely to have experienced nonvoluntary sex than were those whose first intercourse occurred at older ages.”
  • Since nonvoluntary intercourse occurs more commonly at younger ages than does voluntary intercourse, it can produce the same negative consequences that have been shown to result from early first intercourse – among them … early pregnancy.”
  • Forced sexual intercourse is becoming more salient for adolescent women nationwide.”
  • The National Women’s Study found that the greatest proportion of all reported rapes (32 percent) occurred between the ages of 11 and 17.”
  • Noll et al. reported that sexually abused adolescents and young adult females (mean age, 11 years) had twice as many subsequent rapes or sexual assaults within a seven-year period as a comparison group without a history of sexual abuse.”

Aside from the fact that sexual predators pay cash for abortions, there’s another great reason the abortion industry and pro-abortion politicians fight parental notification laws. Guttmacher reports another outcome of child rape is “a higher frequency of subsequent adolescent sexual activity and a greater number of partners.”

This, of course, increases the need for more contraceptives, more STD testing and treatment, and more abortions.

And that’s the business Planned Parenthood is in.

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