May 16, 2021

Am I Posting Too Often, Not Enough or Just Right?

windowslivewritertwopluginstohelpsearchenginesreadyourcon-624eblog-thumb.jpgI’ve received some feedback recently that people may think I might burn out, or that I’m going overboard with my four-post-a-day schedule. I can see plus sides and minus sides to both four and fewer. I’m looking for your opinions:

  • Am I posting too frequent so that if you wanted to get your word in via comments, it’s already gone?
  • Do you like coming to the site and finding new things here, and therefore you’re able to jump in?

So, take a look to the right sidebar, and there’s a module under Meebo that lets you vote for the number of posts you think you’d like to see here at MInTheGap. I’m not saying that I’ll stick to what is decided this time, but I’d like your input. If you’d like to be more wordy– vote, but leave a comment.

Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Am I Posting Too Often, Not Enough or Just Right?

  1. Now that we’ve resumed school, I’m finding it harder to keep up with all the posts…and I sooo want to! Usually I’m off and online throughout the day, checking “things” ;O)and always liked finding something new here at your site, but lately I think I’m missing more than I’m catching…
    I voted for 3 posts a day, but whatever you end up doing will be great. Just don’t burn out!

  2. I may start expiramenting after this poll is over. In going back through my old posts, some of my once a days were really popular (especially on the evolution/creation stuff). If I did back off of four a day I would have to have to back to a weekly data dump so I could clean out old almost-posts before they get too stale.

    We’ll see where time takes us!

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