April 11, 2021

Katie Blair crowned Miss Teen USA 2006

Katie Blair - Miss Teen USA - AP PhotoOnce again, we learn that what a person has to do to be considered the standard bearer or the best teen female has nothing to do with how much they love their fellow man(/woman?), what they have done in their homes or communities, how smart or talented they are, but instead it’s based on how well they look in a swimsuit and evening gown, and how well they do on an interview.

Miss Katie Blair was this year’s winner, and the interview portion of her site reveals some interesting information:

  • The craziest thing she ever did was bungee jump from 125 feet in the air.
  • Her awards are from high school, including a secretary position, a winner in a fashion competition, prom queen and “Most Likely to Star in a Sitcom” placement by her class.
  • She lists that she was on the track team and a starter on the basketball team as other accomplishments.
  • The person with the most influence on her was a family friend.
  • Her goal: “[I]n five years I hope to see myself as a 23 year old woman, preparing to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, and fashion design, having traveled the world as Miss Teen USA 2006. I plan on being on my way to a successful career and great marriage, but ultimately I know God has a perfect, maybe even better vision for my life in five years.
  • “I would like the judges to know first of all, how thankful I am to have this opportunity to be selected as Miss Teen USA. But, most of all I would like them to know how real I am, how funny, confident, smart, and ambitious I am. I am a unique eighteen year old girl who has a dream, and who has worked hard, and will continue to work hard, and do my best to accomplish that dream.”

While I’m pleased that she acknowledges God– even this can no longer be taken for granted– and that He may have a better plan for her life (which I assume means that she’d be willing to follow it) I’m still unsure that Christians should be involved in a competition like this. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with the body God gave you. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of it. But should you parade it? Does this cross the line into causing men to stumble? Does this edify the brethren.

In any case, I hope she uses her new found fame for the cause of Christ and does not use it to glorify herself.

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9 thoughts on “Katie Blair crowned Miss Teen USA 2006

  1. Yikes. She thinks she’s unique? She’s a good little sheep for consumerism. I guess she does have a work ethic, but it’s channeled into her own narcissitic ambitions.

    I can’t stand beauty pagents. Perhaps there was a time when they were all in good fun, but it should be pretty obvious that they have gone too far.

    That being said, no woman who sits and eats twelve bowls of ice cream should be looking down on these women as “shallow”. Like you said, it’s good to take care of your body.

  2. Our former pastor used to say that we shouldn’t ever watch anything on tv that we wouldn’t allow IRL in our living room. Can you imagine? He was referring to language and immorality, of course.
    12 bowls of ice cream? That’s pretty generous, Chris!!?? Gag me.

  3. I don’t know– I’m sure that there are a lot of males that would really like to have the prettiest girls from each state in their swimwear in their living room. However, I certainly don’t think it’d be appropriate in any believer’s house– especially a married one’s house! (Of course, I was told again by my oldest that this house is his, and only his. I’m guessing that eventually hit kick me out, but I hope not!) 🙂

  4. It definitely objectifies women, and feeds into something that is not wholesome. Solomon did say in the Proverbs that a husband should delight himself in his wife’s body– and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just as I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with a wife buying things to excite her husband physically (and vice versa if that is possible). But we were created for our spouse– and it is that spouse that should satisfy us– not girls that parade around, teasing men because they would never dress like that for half the men that are watching the show.

  5. I think yall are all pretty harsh. Her little sister Grace goes to my skewl and shes really cool and Katie came to our school the other day to give her lunch and she seemed really nice.

  6. Well, do you intend to run this blog every year, changing the names each year? I don’t see any reason to pick on this particular winner, as opposed to any other winner of a beauty contest.

  7. I don’t know that each year’s winner will make the claims that Miss Blair made. In any case, I’m skeptical about the whole thing and what it says to our daughters who think this is a great thing, and I wondered aloud about the impact a person in this position can have.

  8. i love Kaite’s little sister Grace! She is one of my good friends and she goes to my school. She is awesome!!!!

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