April 16, 2021

Wanted: Mystery Cleaner to Clean My House!

A woman in Charleston West Virginia came home to a surprise– her house was clean, reorganized even! No, it wasn’t her kids finally picking up their room, or her husband trying to hide something– her house was actually cleaned!

When the woman reported to the police that someone had come into her house and cleaned it, but she could not find anything stolen, they just laughed! It wasn’t for a month that the lady found out what had happened:

Her son called her at work recently after a cleaning lady arrived at the front door.

As it turns out, her neighbor across the street, with a similar house number, the same number of rooms to be cleaned and a house key hidden in a similar spot outside, had hired a cleaning service.

“They just came to the wrong door,” Phillips said.

I must not be living in the right neighborhood– I need to find one with neighbors that hire cleaning ladies!

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