June 24, 2021

WARNING: Bikinis Might Not Protect You From the Sun!

BikiniSometimes the news just cracks me right up. Take for instance the latest article on skin health and a system to protect you from overexposure— a new bikini with a UV monitor built in the belt to warn you when you’ve been in the sun too long.

I’m almost at a loss for where to go here! For starters, I find the bikini and wandering around in one’s underwear to pretty much be equivalent. The weird thing is that while one would certainly not be proper, the other is encouraged.

I can almost see someone wearing such an outfit in a private place or with a husband only around (kind of like where you would wear unmentionables), but instead people parade in public places wearing next to nothing and then wonder why they are gawked at.

This has been something of a puzzle to me– why do we have to have our women dress in underthings and the men wear loose baggy clothing? Why aren’t we equally protective of both the ladies and the men, and desiring that both are modest? Why do people that proclaim modesty in church turn around and have an immodest beach attire?

At the college I attended they had separate times for women and men to use the pool. There was also the ongoing joke of some group of people going out on beach evangelism– something that definitely would have been a shock to the men’s systems after only seeing women in skirts and dresses.

We have come a long way from Adam and Eve and their shame at their nakedness to now having clothing that alerts you to too much Sun exposure because you want to bear as much as you can legally.

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3 thoughts on “WARNING: Bikinis Might Not Protect You From the Sun!

  1. Ha. I so enjoy your posts on modesty!
    What happened to those bathing “dresses” women used to wear in the early 1900s?
    I’m always puzzled at how fashion trends seem to dictate our standards more than our morals do!
    Someone we admire and respect may lower their standard in one way or another and we suddenly think–oh, it’s okay for them, it’s okay for us too. That’s why I think it is so important for a pastor and his family to keep the standard very high…in dress and behavior. Yes, it’s unfair, but so crucial. And yes, they’ll get judged as self-righteous, but we carnal Christians need role models!
    Coming from a PK…

  2. Last Sunday our Pastor started a series on Christian Liberty (and then promptly left for vacation) and he spent most of his time addressing the “stronger brother” not causing the weaker brother to stumble. He included some things that I had not thought about, and wonder if he went too far that way. Obviously, though, he has to think of those things because (fair or not) he has to hold a higher standard so that he can point us toward a life more pleasing to God.

    I bet life as a PK was interesting! They either turn out really well or really poorly from my experience. Good to see you’re the former.

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