May 8, 2021

Eight-Year-Old Girl Raped in Broad Daylight

Henry SegarounAs parents, there are many things that we are concerned about that our kids will not know until they are parents.  They won’t realize the lengths we go to protect them from harm’s way, and when their out of our care how much we think about their saftey and well being.

There’s a lot parents try to do to keep their children safe.  They bolt doors closed, hold hands while crossing the street, instruct children not to talk to strangers, but in the end it’s up to God to protect them.

This man, Henry Segaroun, is one of every parent’s nightmare.  A eight-year-old girl was leaving a park last Wednesday with her seven-year-old brother when she was grabbed from behind, forced to the ground and raped by (witnesses say) this man.  Their mother had left them alone only temporarily while she returned home to turn off a kitchen stove.

It’s hard, because we cannot watch our kids every minute of every day.  Something can happen in a split second that we cannot control.  As parents, it should keep us on our knees in prayer for those things which we know are out of our hands.

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4 thoughts on “Eight-Year-Old Girl Raped in Broad Daylight

  1. I came to read your TT and this was at the top of your page. It’s heartbreaking and makes me want to cry and maybe throw up. The disgust and the violence of events like this in the world are pure evil. Eight years old, she might not have had any idea what was going on but good God, that would have hurt her. She will try to repress it and might be permanently damaged psychologically for the rest of her life, even if her body heals.


  2. It’s tragic– and the sad thing is that there was nothing the mother did wrong or could have done differently– but that little girl’s life is forever changed.

  3. This is why men like that must be publicly executed once we return the control of our government to the state and local level. The presence of a known, properly feared peace officer is the best Earthly deterent to this kind of evil. If I were the girl’s father, I would be in absolute shock right now. Thank God for God because it would take a miracle to bring me back from it.

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