May 9, 2021

Things You Will Let Your 12-Year-Old Do

Dakota FanningLet’s come up with a list, shall we?

  • Go to school
  • Have a pet
  • Have a birthday party
  • Appear on a movie pretending to be raped and walking around topless…

Wait?!  What was that last one?  Rob over at SayAnything brought this issue to my attention in a recent post.  Now this could be a publicity stunt, the original source was the New York Daily News.  Personally, I don’t care what the story– it’s not worth having the girl go through it or for anyone to see it.  I’m sure they’re saying it’s all in the name of art, but come on!

This quote really gets to me:

“It’s not just the rape scene – the whole story is challenging Dakota as an actress,” Fanning’s longtime agent, Osbrink, told me. “And I’ve never been so proud of her in my life. I’ve seen the dailies, and in every scene she gets better and better.”

If this is what the agent thinks is a good move for a child actress then it’s time to get a new agent.  I’m seriously afraid of where this world is going when you can take an innocent girl and have her doing these kinds of things.  Where are the parents?  Where is anyone with common sense?

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3 thoughts on “Things You Will Let Your 12-Year-Old Do

  1. We love Dakota Fanning! Dreamer is such a great movie…how sad to hear this!
    Yes, forget the agent, what are her parents thinking? Of course, we have no idea what she’s been exposed to in Hollywood already.
    What great lengths they’ll go to to provide entertainment.

  2. That is so sad! What on earth are her psycho parents thinking? Money! That’s what it is. All about the greed and subjecting their innocent child to such filth.


  3. Being at VBS and observing the trend in the way “young ladies” dress it is unnerving. Any girl in my house is not going to dress like they just came from the pool or in shorts/skorts that are the equivalent of short-shorts (no matter what everyone else is doing). They won’t be in two piece swimwear.

    I can only think that she got comfortable with this stuff because she was encouraged by someone she trusted and that she was trained to show her body off at an early age.

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