January 21, 2021

Introducing Weekend Kindness

Today starts a new meme that John C. (a regular here) and I have decided to try to see if we can share with the blogosphere. We like to call it “The Meme that makes a difference.” Why? Because we want to do something that’ not just a chance for us to get to know each other and gain traffic, but where we’d like this to go is that we get to use this vehicle to tell other and encourage others in being kind not just to those we know, but in the random acts of kindness way.

How’s it going to work? Much like Thursday Thirteen. We’ll give you some code on the site and you’ll copy it and the technorati tag code to your blog. You’ll have a couple of options– you can blog about the given idea topic that we suggest, or make up your own. The point is to chronicle how you were able to encourage others or be kind to someone you know or don’t know.

I hope you’ll stop by and take part, and we’ll see where this takes us. We’re at http://www.weekendkindness.net

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