June 17, 2021

Now Introducing: Mary!

Mary, from over at Home-steeped Hope, is one who wishes to stand up and be counted as one that will stand in the gap!  That’s right, she will be a new contributor, debuting in her first post at 9:00 am EST.

Mary describes herself as follows:

Old-fashioned at heart, a thirty-something mid-western wife and mother shares about her faith, the country life, homeschooling three daughters, and the charms of simplicity. Her hobbies include quilting, writing, homemaking, music, teaching Sunday School and helping with her church’s AWANA club. In addition to this, 4H and her local homeschool co-op keep her busy.

So, thank you Mary for coming on over, and we look forward to your perspective and input here on MInTheGap!

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One thought on “Now Introducing: Mary!

  1. Wow, what an intro! Thank you. I gasped out loud when your site opened up this morning, what a surprise!
    I’m honored for the opportunity.

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