April 16, 2021

Another Chance for the Supreme Court on Abortion

The court has agreed to take up two cases in the next term on abortion related matters.  The one case has to do with abortion in California– does the federal ban on some abortion procedures (partial birth abortion) place an undue burden on the woman seeking the abortion.

The other case is a Nebraska Act that banned partial birth abortion, and the justices are to decide the Constitutionality of the act based on whether it has “the correct exceptions to protect the health of the mother.”

When this takes place, we will get to see just how far the Roberts court will go toward saving the innocent lives of pre-born Americans.

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One thought on “Another Chance for the Supreme Court on Abortion

  1. Boy do I want to see Roberts go the right way on this, but I’ve got a bad case of once bitten, twice shy. Actually, thrice shy. (Re: OcConner, Souter and Kennedy)

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