May 16, 2021

You Have Influence in Politics!

After the Democrats had such a poor showing with “values voters” in the last election, it looks like they may have decided to try to make inroads this year. What’s interesting is that it seems that some– not all– are so out of touch with what a Christian looks like or thinks about that they have to be given signals not unlike if going to a foreign country in order to be able to reach out to them:

The first two items listed are:

  • Bumper stickers or window decals: What issues are brought up? Do they indicate issue preferences? Do they indicate particular values?
  • Religious items: Do they have any religious items in view? What can you tell by the nature of their religious display?”

The tip sheet continues, “Take a quick look around. What do you see and what might it tell you about the person whose home you are visiting? What might each of the cues listed below tell you about the voters who live there?” Cues then listed include “religious symbols,” “U.S. flag,” “well tended flower garden” and “expensive car.”

So there are the things to look for.  The article goes on to quote Pat Hynes, author of In Defense of the Religious Right, “It is a testament as to how remarkably out of touch the Democrats are that they need to count the number of Jesus fish on the bumpers of cars to measure the values of their communities. Instead of spying on their neighbors to build their political databases, Democrats would be wise to darken the doorways of a church now and again and absorb some of the traditional moral values that play an increasing role in public life.”

I agree.  Why are these people so out of touch with what a church going person believes?  Has the Democratic party truly the party soley of the unchurched?  What does that say of the demographics they represent, the smattering of issues that they hold?  Does that explain why the Democrats and Republicans are so at odds now– because there are two totally different worldviews instead of two sets of ideas?

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2 thoughts on “You Have Influence in Politics!

  1. How interesting! I’m thankful that the church we’ve attended most of our marriage is very in touch with political issues and how they affect Christians. However, at a friend’s conservative church the pastor doesn’t allow any talk of politics (even pro-life issues) b/c there are several Democrats in the congregation. (He’s also against homeschooling, go figure!)
    Also, one of my neighbors, an awesome lady, is a Democrat. She’s a Christian too. Admittedly, I think she and her husband are Democrats because they are first and foremost farmer/ranchers.
    Dh and I vote pro-life. To us, that is more important than party allegience. It just so happens that more Republicans are pro-life.

  2. Certainly, life is very important and something to be guarded at all costs. It’s a shame that a pastor feels he needs to have more allegience to people than to the Word of God.

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