April 13, 2021

The Moo-ing Bride?

While we in the U.S. argue about whether same sex marriage should be allowed, a Russian farmer is asking permission for something totally incomprehensible.

He decided that he could not find a woman to be with, so he asked permission of President Vladimir Putin to marry a cow.  He asked this during a web cast on  Thursday.

What was his reasoning, you ask?  Well, other countries (ie. Holland) have the rights to marry domestic animals, so why can’t we?  It reminds me of the logic that the Supreme Court of the United States chooses to use on occasion– taking a look at what other country’s law practices are and governing by “advanced” law.

This is disgraceful!  I mean, I guess I can see why no woman wants to be with this man.  He’s perverted, and one wants to be disgusted and laugh at the same time!  How can someone ask a question so ridiculous?  Why is this man taken seriously!

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3 thoughts on “The Moo-ing Bride?

  1. The problems with the Russians is that they had so little freedom of expression for so long, that now they are going a bit crazy tasting the “western” ways. I think it was done for publicity and nothing else. They are all dying to get their 15 min. of fame, probably worse than the Americans and their reality shows.
    By the way, thanks for the financial tip. Fortunately, we do not have any debt at all, but the cash flow can be a problem due to dh’s season job (he is self employed), his paycheck is never the same and it’s impossible to make big plans but we are debt free and that’s a huge blessing.

  2. We’re working toward getting debt free. The book Dave Ramsey has could still be of use– it talks about emergency funds and investing– even from seasonal jobs– it’s worth the $17 or whatever it costs!

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