April 19, 2021

He Finally Got His House…

Amazing.  Unbelievable.  Kyle MacDonald started July 12, 2005 with a single red paper clip.  That paperclip was traded all the way up to a house in Canada one year to the day that he started the adventure.  He was able to spin off multiple other paperclip deals as well as meet people and travel all over.  This man had a small job selling things on ebay and then started this gimmick.  It saw him trading for vacations to snow mobiles, a mobile party to a van, a recording contract to a day with a rock star, and then finally a part in a movie for a house.

It’s just amazing what you can do if you have a crazy dream and stick to it.  I can’t imagine going from a paperclip up to a house.  I’m sure there are enough people out there trying to do the same thing right now, and probably some that are going to try to trade for the house!

I wouldn’t be surprised if some T.V. Movie or reality show were made out of this!

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3 thoughts on “He Finally Got His House…

  1. Min- I changed the links so they are correct now.

    I saw this kid on the news awhile back, I thought it really was a pretty fun and ingenious idea.

  2. Thanks, Shelli!

    Of course, anyone else who tried this gimmick would never have it work for them since this guy was the first.

    I need to come up with the next big gimmick!

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