April 19, 2021

Wife Swap a Jew for an Arab?

I think I’ve seen wife swap once.  I’ve seen the trading spouses versions a couple of times, but the acutal wife swap show only once.  The concept is pretty straightforward– for a given period of time two wives move into the other’s house.  Part of the time the wife has to abide by the house’s rules, the other part the house has to go by her rules.  Then you mix people of different backgrounds and add in people who think that they’ll actually make a change in the other’s life by spending a week with them, and then a dash of money and you have a show.

Well, this time, the Israeli version of this show went a step too far:

They exchanged the meat-eater with the vegetarian, the religious with the secular. Yet only when the Israeli producers of  Wife Swap pushed the boundaries and exchanged an Arab for a Jew did the wheels come off.

The question was whether or not a Jew and a Muslim could co-exist on a personal level and not just as political enemies.  The Muslim woman packed halfway through and left.  The Jewish woman was able to fit in.  The answer, therefore, was mixed.  This is the usual case, though, for this show from what I’ve seen.  One group is always more adaptable than others.

What can this teach us, though?  People are people, and there’s a reason we choose to have relationships with those we want to spend time with.  We can also learn that people will do anything to get people to watch their show on TV.

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6 thoughts on “Wife Swap a Jew for an Arab?

  1. I’ve watched the show a few times, this sounds like it would have been a good episode. I am always confused when everyone ends up happy in the end, it doesn’t seem like reality to me. Most of us would find it difficult to be in opposite circumstance and at least 50% of us would find it unbearable. Well that’s my opinion. I’d stay and take it as a challenge!

    I can empathize with the recovery after the 4th, my kids always took awhile to catch up to normal, and of course it took me twice as long! Have a great weekend.

  2. Well, God would not like for us to do such swaps. Marriage should be sanctified and not taken lightly. Why can’t they just use a concept of an exchange student for such experiments? Why not? Because the creators of such shows want the rest of us to see that marriage is not so important after all, that it’s ok for homos to marry, it’s ok to have free sex, etc etc. They are trying to brainwash the very unsuspecting public to their liberal point of view.
    Ok, so I sound like a super conservative paranoid freak now… LOL!!! Wake up and smell the propaganda!

  3. In many ways it ridicules couples and their quirks. It takes extremes and paints a broad brush on people. Average individuals wouldn’t have the types of problems that thse people have, I don’t think. Regardless, how can you forsake all others and live with someone else for a week?

  4. Eh. I rather like my family and all their quirks. I don’t think I wanna figure out another one!! 😛

    I agree that it all sounds entertaining….I haven’t watched any of them. We don’t get outside television. Aren’t we quirky. I think I just narrowed down the willing participants to swap households with me! I don’t think it’s a great thing to be doing but I don’t expect the secular culture, especially Hollywood to agree with me on much! 😀

  5. We kicked cable to the curb some time ago, and now we only tune in if there’s something we know is on (Presidential Address…) or someone’s sick. Mostly it’s DVD we can control.

    And to try to figure out a family in a week– some of us are still working on our own!

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