May 8, 2021

House lawmakers accept pay increase

I find it absurd that lawmakers can easily give themselves whatever kind of pay raise they would like. In my business, you get a raise based on merit. Small business operators get the profits from their companies. No where do we get this absurd situation where people determine their own raises based not even on popularity. Why are we paying these representatives $168,500? Because they voted themselves this pay. That’s more than the average person that they claim to be concerned about when they talk about tax cuts for the rich.

Who are these men and women to say that what they do is so important to require such a salary? I should run for office to get this kind of pay! This is yet another good reason for term limits, and a salary based on some kind of merits. I don’t know who we be in charge of doing the evaluation, but I’m sure they could come up with some committee that could evaluate them– of course, if the committee were in the House, we’d still have the problem of people giving themselves pay raises.

Maybe I’m wrong– perhaps I can talk my employer into letting me set my salary.

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One thought on “House lawmakers accept pay increase

  1. Complete nonsense. This is the kind of thing that should be filling news headlines instead of reporting which vogue star bumped their head or broke their toe. People should be really much more upset about this sort of garbage! Its quite sad this COLA bill has been approved year after year yet it took 7 years for a raise in minimum wage. Our bureaucracy is absolutely incredible and shameless.

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