April 13, 2021

WMD in Iraq

Rick Sanoturm finally succeeded in getting some information about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq declassified and read into the Congressional Record. As you know, a lot of people have charged that President Bush deceived us into going to war in Iraq soley based on Sadaam’s WMD ability and that it would only be a matter of time before they attacked us or our allies. We also know that this wasn’t the only reason Bush used, but it was the one that has been used to club Bush and his authority.

This position never really made much sense to me. For one thing, we knew he had weapons because he used them on his own people. We also knew that he talked like he had them, and we had evidence in papers and some information from defectors that were baffled in their absence. I always thought that they somehow made their way to another country like Syria. It still is possible! But to try to hold on a position that Sadaam didn’t have any seemed doomed to failure… as has happened.

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