May 8, 2021

The Three Monotheistic Religions are all Looking toward the End Times

SunsetI knew that Christians looked for Jesus Christ to return soon, but I wasn’t aware that the other major monotheistic religions were looking as well!  When you think about it, they all have to be for the Christian religion’s end times scenario to work!

The Jewish religion is looking for their Messiah to come to the Earth and fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.  They are attempting, like they do every year, to haul 6 1/2 ton cornerstones by truck up to the Temple Mount to start construction of the next Temple– the one they believe will bring the Messiah.  A spokesman for the group that does this stated that he believed that when the Temple was constructed that Islam would be over.

Islam believes that a 9th century figure, the Mahdi, will soon emerge from a well to conquer the world and convert everyone to Islam.  This guru will return will appear along with Jesus (who is a prophet in their religion) and finally accomplish Islamic dominance in the world.

Christianity believes that Christ’s return is coming soon which will kick of a period of seven years in which the world will be judged and each person will have one final chance to choose the God of the Bible or the God of the world, followed by judgment.  To that end, people in the United States are doing things to try to bring on the end.  This includes helping the Jews get to Israel, helping to breed a blemish free red heifer for the first sacrifice, and helping Israel in any way they can.

I find it interesting that all of these religions expect something to happen soon which makes it all the more believable that there could arise someone on the scene that could unite the remaining world’s religions when the Christians have been removed.  Are you excited?

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5 thoughts on “The Three Monotheistic Religions are all Looking toward the End Times

  1. Very interesting. I didn’t know people were trying to breed a blemish free red heifer. Why a red heifer? (I get the blemish free thing)

    I also didn’t realize that Muslims think Jesus will come back (if it is with their “madhi”). That is fascinating. So all three religions, that are in some way (and i use this word tentatively) united, in blood, looking for Jesus. VERY VERY interesting. The reason I say they are some how united in blood is obvious with the connection between Christians and Jews, but perhaps not so obvious with the connection between Jews and Muslims. The Muslims (i think this is true) are descendants of Abraham and the hand maiden, from the son Ishmael, who was also promised to be made the father of a nation.

    Correct me if I have poor theology there.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  2. The red heifer is a requirement because that’s what they needed for sacrifices in the Old Testament– it was that specific.

    The Muslims are not looking for Christ’s return. They believe Christ was a prophet, like Mohamed, and they are looking for their own “madhi” to come. Close to the same thing, but definitely not the same person.

  3. You said “this guru will return along with Jesus who is a prophet in their religion” right?

    so are they looking for both the guru and Jesus or not?

  4. Just to be pedantic (!) guru’s would be hindus. The mahdi is a spritual guide / prophet, but not a guru. 🙂

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