June 24, 2021

Teacher Learns That Actions Have Consequences

Tamara HooverWe are living in a society where it is next to impossible to be private or anonymous with people who do not realize it. What could have been done in anonymity before can no longer happen. This has its pluses and minuses. On the positive side is that people are being held accountable for their character. On the negative, people are rewriting morals in order to justify their bad behavior. Defining Deviancy up and down as it were.

The latest example of this is a teacher that is trying to keep her job after it was found out that she had a series of topless photos taken. She is learning the hard way that nothing is private. She was said to be a great art teacher, and was expressing her art when she had the pictures taken. She was asked to leave the school, but she wishes to stay.

Her actions had consequences. She was someone the students liked, and, as if girls do not have enough “incentive” to undress online, she gave them one more– to be like my teacher. Galatians 6 states that a leader is held more responsible for their actions than those that are following. In this case, she needed to realize that one cannot go topless online and not expect someone to find out. It’s like my mother always said– be sure your sin will find out out.

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