May 16, 2021

Psalm 14 – The Depravity of Man

For Christmas a couple of years ago my Great Aunt gave my family a couple of commentaries on the Psalms of the Bible. I was in the middle of reading through the Bible, so I didn’t start reading them right away, but they are, as she said, a blessing. I’m hoping to use Monday mornings to bless your heart with how my reading has touched me.

Psalm 14 is labelled by John Phillips as The Depravity of Man. In it, he recasts the psalm in a familiar Matlock style court room. You know the kind, where you know that the trial will be over quickly and Matlock will win. Anyway, this court room is for the trial of humanity and its sin against God.

What really gave me great awe last night was the description of Christ. He is the both the one that testifies to our sin and the one that gives us the opportunity for salvation in this passage. This passage just filled me with awe and worship when I read it:

[T]his Witness is infallible in His perception. He has all the atributes of diety. He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. He cannot be mistaken, He cannot lie, He cannot be intimidated,. He knows every man, woman, and child. He knows every thought, word, and deed. He knows the time when, the place where, and how of everything that has ever happened. He knows the motive and the manner. He knows the intent, the impact, and the influence of everything we have ever thought or said or done. There never was a Witness like this!”

The other theme that really struck me was something a little earlier in the commentary where it talked about what “The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God.” means. According to Phillips, the Hebrew behind this does not imply atheism, but it implies that the foolish neglects the revealed God of the Bible. This would include any of those people that worship other Gods, or that worship God in a way other than He has revealed.

God is making a comment that those that choose to harbor in their hearts wrong thoughts about God– be it that there is no God, that there are other gods, or even how we approach God– are foolish in their thinking. They will stand and give account, and God has clearly revealed who He is for them to see.

This morning (or whenever you read this), meditate on who God is. Think about what He has done to save us! Reach out to those around that need to hear and get a right thought of God.

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One thought on “Psalm 14 – The Depravity of Man

  1. It is amazing how wonderul our Savior is that He knows us personally, He knows our every thought and every need. We can talk to Him as a friend, Father and of course our Master.

    I will never in a million years ever understand how people can deny Him, after what He went through on the cross for us all. It is truly heart-breaking.

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