May 16, 2021

Separation of School and Sport

Vox DayOne of the hardest hurdles to overcome for homeschooling parents isn’t the lessons or the stigma, it’s the fact that sports programs are wed to schools and it maks it difficult for junior to be able to participate. Fortunately, there are a number of options opening up, as Vox Day advocates abandoning the schools and creating our own networks for sports:

So I found it encouraging to note in the Washington Times that just as their predecessors did not shirk from providing children with an academic option, modern homeschoolers are beginning to work together to offer their children sporting options as well:

Home-schooling parents in Frederick County, learning that their children could not play on high school football teams, decided not to punt. They formed their own squad instead. “My son and daughter have not been able to play football or cheer because the [community] programs end at eighth grade,” says Terry Delph, who with fellow home-school mother Nancy Werking co-founded the Central Maryland Christian Crusaders …

The Crusaders and their cheerleader squad for girls yesterday held their second informal practice at St. Stephen’s Reformed Episcopal Church in Eldersburg, Md. Official practices are set to begin July 31. The football team currently includes 28 boys, while nine girls have signed up as cheerleaders.

It will not be an easy or a short-term endeavor to recreate an entire sporting infrastructure, but it can be done, and with the energetic growth of homeschooling, it is quite likely that it will be done. And as with standardized tests and spelling bees, success in the field of sports will eventually attract the best athletes to these extra-curricular sporting organizations, thus furthering the American enthusiasm for the development of children devoid of government control.

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