May 16, 2021

Still Running?

Runaway BrideJennifer Willbanks is still not married. For any of you that were under a rock when this search and rescue, and then report that the whole thing was bogus hit the fan, Willbanks was the bride-to-be whose cold feet took her to New Mexico faking an abduction all to get out of a wedding she claimed she wanted. She even claimed she wanted it after all that happened. He claimed he still wanted her. Now, the news comes out that the wedding’s off and they’ve broken up. Are you surprised?

The runaway bride who generated a media storm with her phony tale of abduction and the fiance who took her back have broken up for good, the man’s friends and family told People Magazine.”We’re just glad there’s a final resolution,” John Mason’s father, Claude Mason, told the magazine. He had planned to be his son’s best man at the wedding.

Jennifer Wilbanks, 33, told the magazine: “John and I have some things to work out.”

Wilbanks would not confirm or deny a breakup, the magazine said on its Web site Thursday. She, her attorney and a family spokesman did not respond to requests seeking comment Friday. Her mother, Joyce Parrish, declined to comment.

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