April 13, 2021

Britney Continues to Draw Attention

I’m not quite sure if it’s just withdrawl, or whether she really is a bad mother, but Britney Spears keeps getting herself in the news.

Britney Spears - Baby ForwardFirst, it was her having her son in the front seat, and now it’s having her kid front facing in his car seat when they believe that he should be rear facing. I’m no expert on the law in California, but I know that my kiddies all had a certain weight and age requirement, and I’m not sure young Sean Preston meets the criteria. Regardless, he’s probably asleep in that picture, and could use his head propped up!

Britney Spears - Drop BabyThen Britney decides to go for a walk with a drink and almost drops the baby. It really seems to me like this woman believes that this baby is just another thing to own– or worse yet– a thing to draw attention to mom. I mean, look at how much attention she got when she announced that number two is percolating. I wish that my wife would get to go on the television circuit to advertise our next little one (though she would never do such a thing!).

This woman is all about attention, and one wonders what will happen when we finally stop talking about her– which is what I believe I’ll be doing from now on.

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4 thoughts on “Britney Continues to Draw Attention

  1. Wow… Ouch! Did you know that Britney Spears was raised in the Church? I remember when I first became aware of her troubled life, I was taking a train up from North Carolina and I saw a picture of Britney on People Magazine with half her head shaved. I think the headline read something like “A Cry for Help.” … I was actually a Britney anti-fan up to that point, but when I saw what she was doing my heart went out to her.

    Clearly Britney is a victim of the sinful world (and her own sinful nature of course.) She has been buying into the lies of the enemy and I don’t think she sees a way out. I just pray that God is sending a witness to her.

    Remember, the people in the news aren’t just the idolatrous images we make them out to be, they are real people with real souls in need of a real Savior.

    Maybe it’s not time to stop talking about her. Maybe, if you think really hard and your readers lend their support, we can find a way to each Britney with the Gospel… That would be awesome don’t you think?

  2. Ah, Brittany. I went through some pretty rough depression after I had my last baby. She’s ten months old now, and I just now feel like I’m coming out of it. God worked major things from it, taught me much, with much (tough) refining, and I use Brittany as my model of despair when referring to the depression sometimes. Obviously we don’t know what’s really going on, if there is depth to it at all, but on a superficial level I relate to her.

  3. Well, I guess my point is that she’s a self made millionaire at a young age, shes a celebrity, millions of guys want to marry her or sleep with her, she has two kids and she’s divorced and she’s in her early 20’s. That’s a lot for someone to deal with and without Christ, who could?

  4. On one level, watching her “train wreck” is a sad way to spend our time. The fact that many Americans simply want to watch “as the powerful fall” shows that we’re no better than bullies and name callers.

    On another level, I am grieved for her. I am concerned that her path leads toward taking her own life– as everything goes from sky high to the ground. Someone needs to step in there to get her act together.

    You’re right, Arthur, she needs a Savior. She needs something to change her life. We can certainly pray that that happens.

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