May 8, 2021

Women in the News

Well, today’s our church’s Mother/Daughter luncheon, which I will be playing background music, and Virtuous Blonde will be attending with her mother. Yes, while there are good examples of mothers and daughters, there are also bad ones– and those bad ones make the news for one reason or another.

Anna Nicole Smith at the 2003 E3
Anna Nicole Smith at the 2003 E3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anna Nicole Smith is in the news because of the fight she’s been having in court over money her late husband is supposed to have promised her than her step son does not believe she should have. You see, J. Howard Marshall II, her late husband, married Smith when she was 26 and still a topless dancer. Many claim she’s a golddigger– and they’d have a lot to back that up. However, it’s not what we think, or his son thinks, but what he thought. She now has a chance at some of the money, since the Supreme Court ruled that Federal Courts can have some say in the matter.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pam Anderson wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal’s OpinionJournal talking about the way chimps are treated. In it, she makes the typical mistake of treating chimps like our relatives, but I find the statement that chimps shouldn’t have to live like her a little comical. The chimps in question have to perform under lights in a gong show type setting “I chose to have that kind of life; these animals didn’t,” she states. I’m wondering if she talked to her “relative” to see if the chimp did want to perform like her. I’m glad she won’t work with live apes, and feels for the animals, but they are just animals. They should be treated with care, but they should be able to perform if that’s their thing too. I, for one, would like to see more chimps and less of Pam.

Heather Veitch of the religious group JC's Gir...
Heather Veitch of the religious group JC’s Girls at the 2006 Adult Entertainment Expo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heather Veitch is causing a lot of double entendre out in the press as she tries, in her own way, to reach strippers with the Gospel.

For three years, she has been a preacher for the non-denominational Christian church JC Girls Girls Girls. The “JC” stands for Jesus Christ, and the “Girls” for the three women who are its main evangelists: Veitch, Lori Albee — also a former stripper — and Tanya Huerter, a schoolteacher.

I’ve always thought that Christians have a tendancy to look down on people caught in sin instead of wanting to reach out for them. We have our own tolerance for sin, and we don’t think that some people should get the gospel– but we don’t reach the lost by being like them or by letting them “feel comfortable” with us– we reach them by providing something different.

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