April 19, 2021

Why is it Only Wrong When it’s a Girl?

A doctor was recently jailed in India for performing an abortion on a woman who was carrying a female baby:

A doctor in India and his assistant have been sentenced to two years in jail for revealing the sex of a female [unborn baby] and then agreeing to abort it.
This is the first time medical professionals have been jailed in such a case.

Under Indian laws, ultrasound tests on a pregnant woman to determine the gender of the [unborn babies] are illegal.

It has been estimated that 10m female [unborn babies] may have been terminated in India in the past 20 years.

Just for the record : I will no longer tolerate babies being called foeteses or whatever. I understand the technical accuracy of the term; however, I believe the term is being used to try to dehumanize the unborn baby, and I will replace it when I remember!

It’s appalling to me that so many children are being aborted. It makes it even worse is that people are selectively choosing one sex over another– they know they have a baby, they know that it will be a girl, and they choose to kill it.

Leading campaigners say many of India’s fertility clinics continue to offer a seemingly legitimate facade for a multi-billion pound racket and that gender determination is still big
business in India.

Experts in India say female [infanticide] is mostly linked to socio-economic factors.

It is an idea that many say carries over from the time India was a predominantly agrarian society where boys were considered an extra pair of hands on the farm.

The girl child has traditionally been considered inferior and a liability – a bride’s dowry can cripple a poor family financially.

At least they make a baby-child link here, and they call it “foeticide” instead of abortion. The terms are still ugly. This should help point people to what’s truly happening.

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