April 11, 2021

The Ultimate Boycott

First it was “The Book of Daniel”. Then it was “Crucifixin’s”. Now NBC is showing a risque scene on a risque show during prime time. My question is, why are we just now surprised? WorldNetDaily draws attention to the latest boycott on NBC.

As Christians, we know that the world is consistantly going to do what comes natural to it– sin. Knowing prophecy, we know that the world is going to continue to get more lawless and travel toward the fateful day
of judgement. “As in the days of Noah” reminds one of Sodom and Gomorrah and the perversions shown there.

I guess the only thing that’s really shocking to me is that Hollywood is being so blantant. They’ve been waging an effective war of desensitizing Christians to all sorts of things. Not to say that we should be bombing TV stations over shows like the Islamic reaction to comics, but Hollywood has taken the innocence of us and our children steadily for quite some time. Violence, Sex, Homosexuality, Poor Father images, etc. Perhaps its that the good doesn’t entertain us as much as the bad. I don’t know.

I’ll give you the one sure cure for this: get involved in the Holy Spirits work in changing hearts. Don’t watch shows that offend, but be a witness and spread God’s Word so that hearts will not desire the filth. Let it sink under its own weight, and if you’re kids are going to be offended by it, get rid of it. It reminds me of a concept Jesus taught in the New Testament. He said that if your right eye would cause you to be offended, pluck it out, and stuff like that. I would add, if the TV is causing sin to happen in your house, get rid of it.  If it’s subjecting your children to see things that you don’t want them seeing, remove it.

If you think the things that are obvious are influencing you and your kids, what about those things that you’re missing while focusing on these “biggies”?

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