April 20, 2021

Another Use for a Super Soaker?

Two physicians, in a December note in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, wrote glowingly of the ability of the Super Soaker Max-D 5000 squirt weapon to quickly and safely loosen severely impacted ear wax (knowledge learned from an emergency use when no standard ear-syringing equipment was available). In fact, they wrote, since the Super Soaker holds much more water than the standard equipment, using it would actually shorten patients’ office visits. (However, the Super Soaker was obviously not anticipated for medical use; its awkward design assured that patient and doctor would be drenched by excess spray.)

[Canadian Medical Association Journal, 12-6-05]

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3 thoughts on “Another Use for a Super Soaker?

  1. I’m sold! Where do I buy one? lol!!

    Wow, I remember a few years back, I was cleaning out my ear with a swab (I know I am not supposed to) and I shoved it more in my ear, where I couldn’t hear. Anyhoo, I had to go my dr’s office. And that visit cost me $80!! Just for them to clean out one ear!!

    Yeah, I’ll try the super-soaker!

    Glad to see you back MIn, missed you!

  2. This is very strange but hopefully it will work! I have never heard of anything like this & (no offence) I hope I don’t!

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