April 16, 2021

Condom Key Chain

The same Planned Parenthood that brought you the “Choice on Earth” Christmas cards (somewhat implying that Mary should have aborted?) has now gone a step further in a new line of key chain condoms. The one pictured right is causing quite the bit of stir.  All told, there are 28 different versions of the key chain– everything from a take off of “Uncle Sam wants you” to the Statue of Liberty with a Condom.

My first thought is repulsion at the gimmick. Is nothing private to these people? They try to sexualize everything.  They try to bring out all of this stuff and proclaim from the hilltops something that should be private!

Next comes suspicion. Since we know that they are all about making money off abortion, I wonder what the quality and longevity of these birth control devices are. We all know there’ve been studies out there claiming that PP distributes the worst quality to the people that come get these things from them.  And since we also know that this gimmick is all about trying to normalize sexual behavior, who knows what else they are doing.

But then again I’m taken back to the audacity of using the picture of God and Adam from Michaelangelo to talk about distributing birth control!?  I guess I shouldn’t expect them to know their Old Testament, where this God commanded Adam (and later Noah) to be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth. Much different than PP’s message of “have fun, don’t have a child, and if you find you’re pregnant, we can take care of that too…”

Makes my skin crawl!

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5 thoughts on “Condom Key Chain

  1. have you seen the popular stoner image of god handing a joint to adam? I don’t approve of that either. Some things are close to being sacred, and I’d say Michaelangelo’s painting has to come near the top of the list of things you don’t mess about with.

  2. Nasty … I can’t believe that people have to desecrate holy concepts. Barf…

    Mrs. Meg Logan
    (HA, now I have 49 comments)

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