April 19, 2021

Commercialism Got You Down?

This from Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference:

Down Size Your Gift List

People tend to think of Christmas as the “time for giving”. Which is true, most people find that this time of year is the best time to give the ones you love a nice gift to show them how much you care. But I think that when the phrase “time for giving” came about it was referring to giving to those in need.I know that a lot of us either want to, or feel obligated to give our loved ones nice expensive gifts. But we really need to remember what Christmas is all about. It is not about excess, it is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, who gave us the ultimate gift of all, salvation.

This year I have decided to down size. My children are only getting three presents a piece, and they will also receive stocking stuffers. My husband and I are setting our gift limit to no more than $20 a piece. I have set a limit for our parents at no more than $20 a piece, and our sisters and my niece will receive gifts under $20 as well. This has saved us a tremendous amount of money, especially with our children. I had originally planned on buying them $300 worth of presents each, and when I down sized I spent no more than $100 on each of them!

As for extended family, they will not be receiving a gift this year. I really do not see what the whole point is in buying a gift for someone you only see once a year. Isn’t it gift to enough to just SEE and spend time with them?

Since we have down sized our gift list, we have had more money to give to charities, our church, and give generously to our waiters at the restaurants we dine in. I really do
feel they need it more, rather than spending an obscene amount of money to buy Uncle Frank that new iPOD.

We all really need to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and celebrate it by giving to those who are less fortunate than us. I think that is how Jesus would like for us to celebrate His birth.

Until next time…What have you done today to make a difference?

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3 thoughts on “Commercialism Got You Down?

  1. Hey don’t be scared. I’ve loved my thirties. I’ve yet to hit a birthday that I dreaded. It is fun to imagine staying this age, less wrinkles and all that. I think that my thirties have been so much better than my twenties! Live it up!

  2. I made all of my gifts for my family (I do ceramics) and it was well worth the effort, they were very pleased and impressed with them.

    We did splurge for the boys, we got them huge transformers, Unicron and Starscream.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did.

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