June 23, 2021

The Monster that is Planned Parenthood

I started to write a comment to a post on Say Anything, but it go so long I decided to post my opinion here, and summarize over there.

I think Rob’s right on this one. I’m sure we all as parents would love everything to always be right with our kids. However, all parents know that this is not the case. When the child falls off the slide at the playground, flips his bike and smacks his face, or other things happen, the parent is there to take him to the hospital, to kiss the injury, and to work through the situation. If a bully is taking advantage of the child, the parent can be there.

Just because we fall into the realm of a sexual problem does not make it right for the parent to be left out. That child has had its whole life with the parents, and who better to help them?

I think the core question that needs to be asked here is why are we afraid of the parents? I can understand why a child may be upset going to their parents– they did something
they know their parents wouldn’t approve of, and they know that that usually comes with some kind of punishment, or at least the parent showing displeasure. But parents and adults know that at times of crisis most parents will stand beside their child and truly look out for thier best interest– which may mean separating their daughter from this predatory boy. Now, the daughter may not think that’s wise, but can you honestly sit here and argue with me that a 17 yr old boy should be dating an 11 yr old?

I think the answer of why we are afraid of parents has to lie in the fact and PP is afraid of them because they will probably stop their child from having the abortion more than their
afraid of the parents reacting by killing the girl or not. Only they know for sure.

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One thought on “The Monster that is Planned Parenthood

  1. Don’t worry about posting long comments on my blog. People do it all the time. Some of the comments look like short stories.

    I don’t know what the fear of parents is all about. The excuse frequently thrown out is “What about abusive parents.” Well, what about them? They make up a small minority of parents and there are protections in place (social services, courts, etc.) for those type of situations.

    Its all just an excuse for groups like Planned Parenthood to perform as man abortions as possible.

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