June 17, 2021

Will you get Chipped?

After leaving the post as Heath and Human Services Director in the Cabinet, Tommy Thompson took up a position at VeriChip– people who inject a glass RFID module into people’s skin for identification purposes. He said he was going to get “chipped” but hasn’t yet. Which camp do you fall into:

“It sounds like he has wisely decided to put off the implantation, perhaps due to the serious privacy and civil liberties implications of such devices, or perhaps due to the serious medical downsides, like electrical risks and MRI incompatibility.”or

Thompson predicted that people eventually will overcome their skepticism about having a chip implanted. The chip “will prevent babies from being picked up by the wrong people in a maternity ward and make sure people in nursing homes don’t walk away,” he said.

Sounds to me if they made everyone have one of these chips they could control where you are, what you buy, etc. That sounds very “end of times to me”. What do you think?

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