April 17, 2021

Is Natalee Holloway Alive?

I thought this story was over? I thought they’d basically said that this girl died in Aruba. Now I read in WorldNetDaily that Dr. Phil went on Jay Leno’s show and said that there’s a new theory…

Phillip McGraw, appearing on the “Tonight Show,” said: “Without giving up too much information … we believe Natalee Holloway is alive.”

McGraw pointed to what he termed the “sex slave market” as the main point of focus in the ongoing investigation.

Regular readers of my weblog would know that that there are many more cases of this than we Americans want to think (let alone outside of America). It certainly is possible that this blonde haired, blue eyed girl was forced away from her parents and may be far from Aruba or any kind of TV now.

In either case, it is a tragedy, and a scary reminder that we do not live in a world that fears God. Anything can happen, and in times like these we almost wonder if we should pray that this girl is dead, rather than being tortured or a slave. However, respecting human life, and the possiblity that this girl could be a good testimony requires us to pray that if she is alive she is able to come home safe and come to a saving knowledge of Christ if she hasn’t. If she has or once she has, God will be with her to help her through anything she will have faced.

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5 thoughts on “Is Natalee Holloway Alive?

  1. I have seen a lot of things lately about human trafficking and it is a wide-spread problem.

    How awful if poor Natalie is suffering this type abuse. Her parents must be going mad.

    I am glad that many shows are bringing this dark subject to light. We must all be aware that is is happening here in the States and everywhere, for that matter.

  2. Not to undermine what Natalie and her family are going through, but that happens to tons of natives, even children, in so many third world countries. After the Tsunami, many of the children adopted, (girls particularly, of course), are adopted by those who plan to bring them into the sex trade. And things like this happen in America to people who have come here from other countries. I doubt it happens quite as much, but there’s little doubt it can happen. Like I said, I don’t mean to undermine their pains, but think of the thousands of East Indian children forced into this life. Just wanted to say, be aware of more than America/Americans.

  3. I am a christian and I have been praying for Natalee. I believe that she is in Brussels, Belgium and I also believe that she has been sold into sex slavery.

  4. Amen to that! We’ll be praying she is found alive and well with an open heart!
    I can’t imagine what her family must be going through! I’d have a tough time sitting anywhere for any length of time! The gov would have to tie me to a chair to keep me from bording a plane to go look for my daughter!
    Yes, there are a few phantoms…just a kick of mine; it’ll probably disappear soon. I’m getting an itch for another change already!

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