June 24, 2021

Statutory Rape Issue Goes to the Polls

 In an effort to keep the abortion lines running strong, Abortion Rights activists have set themselves against a measure put before the California voters, as reported by WorldNetDaily.

The abortion activists definitely don’t want parents talking their children out of abortions because that would hurt their profit line. So, the case is brought up that it’s possible that this would result in the dreaded back alley abortion. Now, it’s certainly possible that this could happen– but there’s a catch. Should a judge decide that there is phyical or sexual abuse in the family, he could serve as the notification. Some quotes from the article:

A backer of the measure, Yes on 73, argues for its passage by pointing to a well-documented survey by Texas-based Life Dynamics revealing virtually all Planned Parenthood affiliates fail to report clear cases of statutory rape to authorities.

The Los Angeles Daily News, in an editorial endorsing the measure, notes, “Minors in California cannot obtain any medical procedure, body-piercing or tattoo without their parents’ permission. They are deemed below the age of consent for sex. They cannot legally smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or even watch an R-rated movie without an adult. If they are arrested or get in trouble at school, their parents are notified. The reason for such laws and policies is sound: Most minors lack the maturity to make difficult life decisions. And in tough times, they need their parents, even if they don’t know it. That’s especially so in the traumatic situations of teen pregnancy.”

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