June 16, 2021

Women! Someday is Today

Vox Day has a tangentially relevant article this week. In his article he talks about the fact that many women in our society put off marriage only to complain about not having an opportunity later.

Although the Equalitarian Society is now, by most statistical measures, structured so as to favor its female members, it nevertheless poses a cruel choice to those women cursed by its costly blessings. Consider the words of Melissa Cole Essig, who writes in Newsweek of her difficulty in getting pregnant at 39:

As certain as I am that now is the right time for me to have my children, it’s hard not to blame myself for how difficult it’s turning out to be.

Nature, it seems, would disagree. And a woman foolish enough to wait more than two decades before attempting to have children has no one to blame but herself. As for the likelihood that the technological future will eventually solve such problems, it is worth noting that no society that possesses artificial wombs, robot sex dolls, multiplayer video games and 24-hour sports networks is one in which men are likely to show a tremendous amount of interest in relationships or the opposite sex.

He then goes and lists 10 steps a woman can take to make sure she gets to have a family. I find this sad and striking all at the same time. Here we have an instructional for something that used to be taken for granted. Although women looking for “Mrs” degrees can still be found on religious school campuses, our society has taught women to try to have just as much “fun” as boys and be as promiscuous as possible. So, now we have to teach women what they used to know: Motherhood is fulfilling.

His most important point is #10:

Remember that love is a choice, an action and a commitment, it is not a feeling.

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