April 21, 2021

Moral Indifference

The violence in the film was condemned by some...
The violence in the film was condemned by some critics and praised by others. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s amazing, and I think it may be the one thing that actually sticks to Christians in the area of movie going, that we seem to think that one sin is so much worse than the other. I’m talking about the whole violence versus sexual disparity that goes on in Christian’s movie watching. We seem to tolerate a whole lot more violence in the things that we allow to entertain us than other sins that are portrayed. This is reflected in this article from What in the World:

Strictly religious Americans are more likely than their more liberal neighbors to watch films rated R for violence, according to a MarketCast study. The study found something unsurprising, that America is deeply divided over moral issues. However, it also found, according to Variety, that “entertainment choices are largely made separately from moral decisions.” The report concluded that cultural conservatives are “participating in American culture at virtually the same levels as the rest of society.” (6/29/05)

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