April 22, 2021

Put God back where He Belongs

I’ve been trying all morning to figure out what to say about this article, but I think I should just let it speak for itself.

My dial-switching to hear talk-show reaction hit more pay dirt than I’d anticipated. I heard the raving about the issue, and the attacks on Christians and conservatives – the usual talk-show script going off the deep end without too much thought – but then I heard something very different.

I heard the controlled anger of a believer who was as honest as could be. He laid out with clarity the goal of those who want to change American society to their preferences.

The argument was not focused on the school aspect of the case or the constitutionality of the Pledge or the role of the judiciary in changing American culture and traditions.

What caught my attention was how the discourse of the host evolved. It was as focused as I’ve ever heard. He expressed in those few minutes an outline of the real goal of those who pursue issues like the Pledge case or the continued harassment of the Boy Scouts, or the ongoing censorship of graduation speeches or the demands for the removal of crosses or images of churches from city seals or public park signs. The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, these issues hide the real goal of activists. Casual observers may be upset at these actions, but they don’t see that it’s all part of a major, nationwide (indeed international) campaign to make dramatic and deep changes in the essence of this country and Western culture.

The rant began with the school issue, but then changed direction as the host suddenly focused on the core of what’s happening. He said that what this really is about is God and what needs to happen is to “put God back where he belongs.”

He was specific. Get Him out of marriage – i.e., homosexual marriage should be legal and the homosexual lifestyle approved. Get Him off our money. Get images or references to God out of the courthouses and government buildings. Get religious chaplains out of the halls of legislatures, out of the courtroom and out of the military unless each religious denomination pays for their chaplain, but only if there’s a request to have them there. Get God totally out of the schools, in every manifestation.

In other words, God should have neither presence nor influence in our public lives, nor should He or His values influence our laws, practices or systems.

Quite clearly, “put God back where he belongs” … and it was said with deliberate anger. Clearly, to him, ridding us of God would solve all these controversies.

He’s not alone in that thinking, but what struck me was that he concisely said it, leaving no room for doubt.

The whole article is really a must read, but this is the part with the punch. It isn’t enough to let Christians have their views, they should not use their views to influence decisions. That’s why you have John Roberts being asked whether his first conviction is to his religion or his country. They must be separate.

And what happens when the Christians refuse to keep their knowledge of the truth secret? What happens when the minister preaches against the sin of homosexuality, tries to share the Gospel with people on the street, etc? The same thing that always happens… Check out history and see what happens to Christians who try to spread their faith… Hence why this country was formed the way it was.

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