April 13, 2021

A Sports Comparison

Alan Sears has a great illustration to show the absudity of the ACLU demanding same sex marriage:

Imagine that tonight, in stadiums all over the United States, Major League Baseball games are disrupted by an invasion of football players, running by dozens and hundreds out onto the diamonds.

“We want to play, too!” the game-crashers cry.

“But this is baseball,” a pitcher points out. “It’s a totally different game.”

“Not fair!” the invaders insist. “We demand that you let us play! And here – use our ball. Re-line the field. And play by our NFL rules!”

“It won’t work,” says a shortstop. “You can’t pitch pigskin.”

“Foul!” scream the footballers to ESPN cameras. “Unsportsmanlike! Boycott baseball!”

The crowd grows restless and bellows their deafening disapproval. The umps’ thumbs are flying: “You’re outta the game!” But the helmeted Huns dig
in their cleats.

“These fans are narrow-minded!” they yell. “These umps are bought and paid for! Where’s the justice? What are these ballplayers so afraid of?”

“Football-phobics?” read the morning sports pages, featuring photos of outraged outfielders, shaking their fists at runningbacks spiking balls at home

He goes on to talk about the ACLU and how they don’t seem to have the best interests of the country at heart, just the best interests of a minority:

Of course, ACLU attorneys would claim that they must forego the will of the majority to preserve the demands of the few. Yet clearly they don’t care any more about people practicing homosexual behavior than they do
the rest of the populace. If they did, they would take note of the growing number of high-profile medical reports affirming the devastating physical toll of such behavior.

Instead, in their determination to ram acceptance of homosexual behavior down the collective throat of the American people, ACLU attorneys are actively promoting a self-destructive way of life that will ultimately destroy the health of – and even kill – many of their clients.

Just as obvious is the organization’s contempt for marriage itself. In fact, the ACLU has endorsed international legal efforts that would broaden the definition of marriage to include not only same-sex couples, but multiple partners and even temporary sexual relationships.

He goes on to ask the question I ask to you… why are they doing it? It certainly doesn’t seem reasonable!

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3 thoughts on “A Sports Comparison

  1. ok i don’t often post well actually i never post especially on people i don’t know but i have to i can’t help it. first off incase you are wondering i am strait and so are most of the people i know that feel the same way as i. first off gay marrage is not like football and marrage is not like baseball, being gay is not deadly. personally i think that there are 2 pars to the argument of gay marrage first is the benifits of married couples. same sex couples should be able to get the same benifits or it is discimination by definition. the second is the name marrage as far as what a same sex union is called (be it marrage or something else) i could careless and think that its more a religious topic that a legal one. and just on behalf of most the people i know im going to finish off this post with 2 comments first is think before u speak, the other is don’t be stupid (i know its hard)

  2. If you thought that your opinion was smarter and better informed than mine, why not include a name or website?

    The benefits argument would carry more weight if most states hadn’t already granted not only homosexuals equal rights but also other domestic partners. But aside from that, government should only provide benefits to people that benefit it. For example, the government provides a tax credit for those that drive hybrid vehicles because of less use of gas, etc. Just because someone drives a Hummer doesn’t mean they can demand the same credit. There is a benefit for the government for stable heterosexual marriages: procreation, better chances children will be well adjusted, etc. Something that benefits the government gets benefits from the government.

    I agree that “marriage” is a religious term. However, that is just the reason that the homosexual lobby makes it a necessity that they have that label. They not only want their decision of sexual partner, they want people to say that it is a fine alternative. That’s why they want those that disagree silenced or charged with hate crimes. They won’t be satisfied until no one can say that they are wrong. Well, they are. God says it’s sin. It’s not the only sin, and it may not be the “worst of sins”, but it is a sin. It violates the natural order of things.

    Perhaps it is you that should think through your arguments– and attach a name or something somewhere– before posting.

  3. well u’re probly right on some accounts i really have better things to do then research political arguments. so my judgements arn’t always the most informedi still stand by what i say until i do reseach on my own. as for the name and url there are a few reasons 1st is i perfer not to acknolwedge my existance and 2 i really dont want to hear from people especially ones i don’t know. well that really only leaves one flaw in your entry, the analagy im sorry but u really need to work on them, really. well im sure u’ll never hear fom me again so have a nice life.

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