June 17, 2021

Signs in the Field

English: Cornfield in South Africa. Deutsch: M...
English: Cornfield in South Africa. Deutsch: Maisfeld in Südafrika. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now here’s a classified ad!

CANANDAIGUA, New York (AP) – A farmer who planted his own personal ad in a cornfield has received more than 700 replies, but he’s only been in touch with the writer of one.

Western New York cattle-and-crops farmer Pieter DeHond, a 41-year-old divorced father of two, planted a lovelorn message in his cow pasture using 50-foot (15-meter) letters made from corn stalks.

It said “S.W.F Got-2 (love symbol) Farm’n” (Single White Female Got to Love Farming). Since it was planted in May, the cornfield ad has generated media attention as far away as South Africa.

One California woman answering DeHond’s ad had a pizza delivered to his farmhouse door along with a note that included her first name and phone number.

“That seemed like a nice thing to do,” said DeHond, adding that he called to thank her.

Since then, they’ve exchanged calls and letters.

“A very attractive woman” is how DeHond described his new friend to his hometown newspaper the Daily Messenger of Canandaigua. He added they may eventually arrange to meet.

Meanwhile, DeHond said he’s keeping all the letters and newspaper clippings in a box, “so 20 years from now I can look back and laugh and say, ‘Look what I stirred up.'”

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