April 21, 2021

Pro Life has Come A Long Way

Jill Stanek’s article at WND talks today about what has happened with the NARAL ad and commenting on the change in the MSM and the society at large in the abortion debate.

It seems that NARAL can’t get away with lying or distortions anymore, which is key because there are many things that are coming together that spell trouble for the pro-abortion cause. On many fronts they are reeling. Parental notification laws are popular, as are not crossing borders, as are the bans against partial birth abortion.

But it’s not just that. It’s the fact that despite everything the left, NARAL, NOW, and everyone has said, it hasn’t stopped what people know. Children know that it’s a baby in mommy’s tummy. As we discussed earlier this week, even Finding Nemo is pro-life. And then there’s the fad that Maralyn Lois Polak talks about in her column today— the belly.

Yes, it seems that mothers, especially famous mothers, are now celebrating the fact that they are pregnant. I believe the latest is Britney Spears and her t-shirts about having the golden ticket or whatever is the latest. Polak gets offended by these mothers, and insulting in one instance referring to pregnancy as confinement!

We should be celebrating pregnancy! Children are a gift! Now, I’m not advocating dressing like a woman of the night, but certainly we should not be embarrassed by a woman that is with child. This is just a sign of the fact that the tide is turning.

Even pro abortion people (again, pro choice is just a euphemism) are having a hard time with their leaders and with the fact that they cannot be social. Wendy McElroy’s weekly post at FoxNews calls for Pro-Abortion people to accept the following in order to maintain relevancy:

–Pro-choice advocates must deal with arguments and avoid ad hominem or ‘guilt by association’ attacks. For example, stop using the likes of Eric Rudolph — the Birmingham, Ala., clinic bomber who killed a police officer and critically injured Lyons — to deflect criticism by implying all pro-lifers are pro-murder.

–The pro-choice side must acknowledge the legitimate arguments pro-lifeadvocates have brought to the debate. For example, although I argue for legalized abortion, from listening to pro-life positions I now have profound moral doubts about abortion and strenuously encourage alternate solutions, like adoption.

–Instead of viewing slander as a ‘hard-edged attack’, pro-choice advocates should focus on the hard-edged social questions that accompany pro-life proposals. They should challenge pro-life advocates to explain how — short of a totalitarian state that monitors every pregnancy — do they intend to eliminate abortion and other ‘fetus abuse’? Would they really let a woman die in agony from a life-threatening pregnancy, thus placing greater value upon a potential life than an actual one?

I argue against “a potential life” but the point is still there. Pro life ideals are getting out there, and reasonable people see that there are morally higher alternatives that killing life. Let us not grow weary, for we are making progress. Let us keep praying and working toward protecting life. You can make a difference.

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