May 8, 2021

Whose Children Are They (the German Version)?

Woman Holding a Little Girl

Michelle Malkin points out another state reacting incorrectly to kids which begs me to ask “Whose children are they?” This time:

The court said it was interfering “in order to protect the children from further harm.” It stated that the parents had shown “a stubborn contempt both for the state’s educational duty as well as the right of their children to develop their personalities by attending school.”

So, they ordered a social service worker to be a guardian of the children! Does this shock you or scare you? It should. There are already places in this country where even on network television Homeschooling is linked with abuse, and it is not long until someone does something bad and government steps in to make everyone that homeschools pay the price.

We need to keep on this issue that children are gifts from God to parents, not to the state. They will be held responsible for what they do with these gifts– either now through criminal proceedings or in Heaven. They are not the state’s toys are pet projects to be socially engineered to be cookie cutter citizens.

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One thought on “Whose Children Are They (the German Version)?

  1. Very true, and I’m so thankful for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association and all they do to keep on top of the latest allegations (unfair and otherwise) against homeschoolers.

    We need to keep producing bright intelligent, well mannered kiddos. The proof will be in the product! Not that that will stop them much…

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