May 8, 2021

Who is Watching the Watchdog Group?

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This man is part of a watchdog group that has a problem with an elective Bible course in Public Schools. The problem? The course treats the Bible as if it is the Word of God, links archeology to the Bible, and claims that Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecy. Instead, these people believe that the Bible should only be studied in the realm or an historical text, and that this class is using it to force a certain religious belief on students.

First off, since it is an elective course, there is no forcing being done. Students or parents can choose whether to take the course. Also, one can not be forced to believe anything. Just like the science class discussion yesterday, the fact that people that are against teaching ID or Creationism and these people objecting to Bible classes prove that they really understand what is going on in our schools. They realize that a lot of what children are taught by teachers they will blindly accept, and they are upset to have anything but their religion (humanism) or their philosophies (Socialism, etc) taught in the schools.

Second, any study of the Bible would have to take into account claims about itself. First off, it claims to be the Word of God and inerrant. It is unique in that it binds historical accounts with what God was doing, and thought. It makes a case as a whole for a Supreme Being/Creator that has a purpose, and allows you to get to know Him by seeing what He did through time. It also makes claims about who Jesus of Nazareth was. It makes statements about Him fulfilling prophecy. It draws the reader or the studier into a point about who they are and who God is.

I believe it was Chuck Colson that started out to try to disprove the Bible, and as he read it, converted to Christianity. This book is more than a historical text– it is the best, most accurate text and it has something to say about the way a person lives and his place in the world. There’s no dispute on the historical record from Genesis 12 on. Archeology has proven it true over and over and there are more manuscripts for the Bible than any other document in antiquity. It should be studied. It should be researched.

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3 thoughts on “Who is Watching the Watchdog Group?

  1. Not only Chuck Colson, but Frank Harber (radio preacher that we enjoy) was an atheist out to prove God didn’t exist and converted himself…so did Josh McDowell, author of Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

    We should stop arguing with these people and ask them to prove it!

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  2. Certainly there are some out there– I think Lee Strobel is another one. Of course, talking about these people with atheists doesn’t always work– but the Word of God is powerful!

  3. The liberal people in key positions are threatened that people might think for themselves and not agree with the Liberal agenda. What better way to control thinking if you do not give people both sides of the story.

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