January 28, 2021

This is one Cool TV


  • All that really seems to be going on is this thing with Karl Rove and Valerie Plame and her hubby.  For all the ink and air space as well as bandwidth taken up in discussion of this, I think Bush’s right– let’s wait for the investigation to conclude before we jump to conclusions.
  • Up to 53 dead in UK.  Contrary to the earlier comment, the information that’s come to the fore with suicide bombers and stuff continue to point toward terrorism.
  • Bush might want to look at having Orin Hatch on the Supreme Court.  He should get confirmed relatively easily since he’s already a Senator.  He’s conservative, somewhat.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Have you seen the info on this new TV?  The Japanese have designed the first dual image LCD TV!  Depending on the angel at which you are viewing, you could watch sports while the wife watches a romantic movie.  You could also be surfing the web on the same screen that the kids are watching Veggie Tales on!

This is a great novelty piece, and given the fact that the broadcasters are all going to Hi Definition casts and we’ll be getting new TVs…

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One thought on “This is one Cool TV

  1. It’s a cool idea MIn, but what about sound? I think the fun part about watching a game is hearing the crowd and annoucers reaction to the plays. Definitely cool technology, but I think it still needs to be ironed out. As you say, its a good novelty piece for sure.

    Hi-def is really pretty cool. I still can’t get over how clear the broadcasts come through w/5.1 surround sound. Yes, the only stinky part was getting a new t.v., but those are going down all the time.

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