April 13, 2021

Creationist Research Is Ahead of Evolutionary Ideas

The Answers in Genesis website has information today regarding the Evolutionary theory in the cosmology of the universe and how they are trending toward Dr Russell Humphreys’ creationist cosomolgy.

Basically, to boil it down,

Humphreys’ proposal, which sought to solve the ‘light-travel-time’ problem, is set out in the popular-level (with technical appendix) book Starlight and Time.

Because it starts with different assumptions from the standard ‘big bang’ notion, applying the same mathematical ‘machinery’ provides startlingly different conclusions. Now the establishment seems prepared to consider that the foundational beliefs of big bang thinking may be radically wrong.

This is a great advance for Creationist Scientists and expressing the validity of their scolarship, and it would seem to be yet another problem for Evolutionism in that it can’t discredit this research.

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