April 21, 2021

Eating an Unborn Baby?

Jill Stanek writes about how long it took Kansas to strip an abortion provider of his license, but that isn’t the weird part.

It turns out that this doctor kept human fetus in styrofoam cups in a fridge, took them home, and accounts say that he microwaved some and added it to his lunch!

This is truly a calloused individual.

His office was a mess, and yet, the right to abortion trumped the ability to get this man’s licensed removed. What a mess we have become.

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One thought on “Eating an Unborn Baby?

  1. Horror.
    And if one should believe some sources, this is an on-going horror in China, on a daily basis…
    I just cannot imagine anything worse, but human mind has probably no limits to creating iniquity.


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