April 20, 2021

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles Last One!)

Judith Reisman finishes up my multiple article Friday.  I hope that this different format has been interesting for you– if you would leave a comment on the tag board, that’d be great.

Anyway, to her article.  I am also stunned that a pornographic actress and promoter was invited to the White House.  I understand that the woman also campaigned for the position of Governor of California– but even then she stated that her platform was legalized prostitution, etc.

The stats are shocking.  Judith talks about just how many cases of abduction into sexual slavery there are.  As she states, many of these abduction end in a pornographic collection to record the event.

For a President and Administration that wants to promote abstinence until marriage, they have to realize that that is only part of it.  We live in a society that’s way too oversexed.  Take the following examples:

  • Most of the most popular actresses have been in playboy.  If not that, then one of the other men’s magazines that leave not much to the imagination.  It’s gotten to the point that it’s a “entrance cost” into the business.
  • Playboy has gone into taking normal workers and paying them to bare it all.
  • There are groups of people out there driving around the country to photograph women who will show their breasts to someone.
  • There’s the internet and cell phones where people are sharing intimate pictures that they wish they could take back.

This is not something innocent.  This is all trained at arousing the male/female desires.  They know what they are doing.  Some sites that help people with porn addiction talk about how it starts there, and can end up in rape.  Not that it does, but as all sin, you keep needing more to get a bigger thrill.

Our President shouldn’t be encouraging this, and should’ve sent a strong signal here– but instead he did not.  What signal will you send?

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