June 17, 2021

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 1)

Jill Stanek’s column is a must read for me.  It’s easy for us in the pro-life movement to become complacent when there is so much at stake– the lives of millions are effected by the killing of babies in the womb.  You think I exaggerate the number, but when you factor in what the babies that have been terminated with government permission since 1973 would be doing now (since I was born after that ruling, it’s particularly striking) and who they would be in society– It’s just staggering.

Jill cuts through the filibuster compromise this week and links it to the battle over judges in the courts of America.  She makes the case that we did get a few judges that believe in upholding the Constitution, but since Row v. Wade was produced in the courts, it seems that it can only be undone by the courts.  With this compromise, it will be more difficult (especially when it gets to the Supreme Court) to get the votes.

She makes a good point here– one that cannot be understated.  We need to put some pressure here on
people that say that they are pro-life, but don’t put feet to it!

Note: This is my first Crazy Friday– I’ll be posting smaller editions through out the day, so stay tuned and see what other articles I comment on!

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One thought on “Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 1)

  1. Stanek is right on the senators not doing the right thing by bringing an up or down vote. As you say, we need to keep putting pressure on these wishy washy senators!

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