April 21, 2021

A Fate Worse than Death

It’s interesting, around this time of year, to have the conversation be about a person’s life, death, and what it means to be a person.  Given this is the time of year that we remember what Jesus did on the cross,
there are some interesting things to think about:

In a time where we are debating what life is and what life means, it’s instructive to remember what the estimation of Jesus was.  Having been placed on a cross, He was considered less than human.  Isaiah 53 states that the estimation of the people that saw Him was that He was being afflicted by God.  His image was to be so disconfigured that people would not think of Him as human.

Jesus was innocent of all wrong doing, placed on the cross because of the sin of the others.  And if this was not enough, the very people he was dying to save were the ones that place Him there and ridiculed Him.  The very ones He loved placed Him there.

But the greatest thing is that He rose from the dead– giving us the hope of Easter.  Paul contends that since Christ is risen, our faith is not in vain.  We can truly expect to live because He did.

The fate, however, that is worse than death is dying without having believed on Him.  Terri can die– as we all will barring the return of Christ– and it will not be the end for her.  She may have trusted Christ for her salvation, in which case she will be much better off.  She may not know Christ, and in that case, she will be far worse off than starving to death.

Michael will be judged by Almighty God for what he has done with/to his wife.  Earthly courts may get it wrong, but the Heavenly one will not.

Let’s, as Christians, stop seeing the world as the final arbiter of morality, and look to the Divine justice, realizing that regardless of Terri’s spiritual state and regardless whether she lives or dies today, this week, or years from now, that those that had an opportunity to do something (including Michael,  the parents, the judges, the govenor, and you and I) will be judged for how they responded to what was going on.

We also need to make sure that we are right with God and in His will.  For just as nothing can take us out of the hand of the Father, we can also be sure that we cannot get there because of any amount of good deeds we do here on Earth.

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